What are People Saying About Moneydance?

In the Press

"Moneydance 2007 is a viable and worthwhile alternative to Quicken"
- Macworld review (4 out of 5 mice!)

"Moneydance 2007 has a lot going for it: Online banking and bill paying are as automatic as they can be, investment information can be imported easily, budgets can be made and tracked, checks can be written and printed, and the list goes on. To top it off, Moneydance has numerous extensions that bring even more functionality to bare, including stock price updaters, debt payoff calculators, and more. As mentioned previously, Moneydance is the only software that works on Windows, Mac, and the Linux operating system."
- Top Ten Reviews

"Moneydance is easy to set up, and packed full of features. It's easy to stay connected to all of your online banking details, including not only your checking and savings account information, but also your investment accounts. ... Plenty of helpful features and useful graphs, online updates make future use a breeze." 4 star rating!
- MacHome Magazine

"Honestly, I was stunned that it was so easy."

Moneydance 2005 ($30, www.moneydance.com) is a much more solid contender. This program manages to replicate much of Quicken's functionality -- but in some cases a bit more elegantly."
- Washington Post - Challenging the Finance Software Giants

"The online banking type of person will love Moneydance. It was the first one I reviewed, and it's the one I'll be sticking with... The functionality and usefulness of it is just awesome."
- The Apple Blog

Customer Comments

"Moneydance is everything I need in a finance management application. It has all the good stuff I like from Money and it is much easier to use than Quicken or Cha-Ching."
- midnightglory.com

"Moneydance 2008 is clearly the winner here"
- Rachel Murphy

"If you use OS X or Linux and are looking for a reliable and easy-to-use accounting program, I heartily recommend Moneydance."
- Gary Robinson

"Since I found Moneydance, I've kept better track of my finances and have actually found myself ENJOYING it. :)"
- Jeff Stuart

"Better than Quicken and it works on any operating system. What more could you ask for? "
- Frank Arcari

"I continue to absolutely love this program. Being able to run on NetBSD saved me from dire problems. The interface, on the whole, is just a lot friendlier and more flexible than Quicken's"
- Peeter Seebach

"Easy to use, works on all my different computers, handles all my finances smoothly."
- Marcus S. Zarra, Colorado USA

"I really appreciate all the time, effort, and patience you've put into helping me get this straightened out. Moneydance is a great product, and you provide great support. Finding great products these days is getting harder and harder, but finding great support is next to impossible."
- Terry Allen

"I have checked out many personal finance software packages, have used MS Money and Quicken and finally choose Moneydance. It's extremely easy to use and works whether I feel like using Linux or Windows."
- Rob Williams

"I've been a linux user for 5 years. However, even though I could replace all my other software with some linux equivalent, I was stuck this Quicken because I had grown accustomed to online bill payment. Until Moneydance, there was no alternative. Therefore, I always had to maintain a Windows PC to do my banking. Moneydance gave me the ability to do online banking and manage my finances directly on linux. No more switching to Windows to do my banking. It saves me the cost of upgrading Quicken, it saves me the cost of Windows, and it just makes my life easier. I no longer need Windows for anything. I'd recommend Moneydance to anyone. But for linux users who are still maintaining a copy of Windows just for quicken, this is the product you've been waiting for."
- Jerry Theisen, USA

"I've been using Moneydance since release 2, maybe earlier. In any case, for the years that I've been using it, I've never lost data, I've never found ads in the program, runs faster and more reliably than Quicken, easy to understand, support has always been there and is even better now, with feature requests attended to almost on a same day basis. ...Great, solid program, performs as advertised, constantly improving."
- Bob Crochelt, Alaska USA

"Been looking around for a Money app for Mac OS X for a while now and to my surprise you guys are beating the "big boys" hands down."
- Andy Brough

"I LOVE it nice and clean the way it is!!!!!!"
- Don Metzger

"Thanks for the wonderful application. It is so nice not to have to use Quicken! ;-)"
- Randy Kelsoe

"An absolutely wonderful application! I recently switched to Linux and tried GnuCash, which completely mangled my QIF import from MS Money 97 (it reported my checking account balance as -$198,000!). MoneyDance handled it (almost) perfectly."
- Bryan C Dunne

"Moneydance is not merely the lesser of evils, for I'd use Moneydance regardless of whether or not I was turned off by Quicken & Money. It stands on its own merits. But what's just as appealing as Moneydance itself, is what's conspicuously missing from Moneydance: no links to sponsors that can't be hidden from view, no (intractable) ads permanently embedded in Moneydance's icons, banners, and buttons. No corporate logos, i.e. "QUICKEN MASTERCARD" in nice bright red letters, that otherwise have no practical function. When all I want to do is balance my bank account or pay a utility bill I don't want to be nagged to open a brokerage account or buy this service or that product -- without ever leaving the program! (For crying out loud, it's not like I'm up for grabs on the Internet!!)

The EYESORE FACTOR ALONE makes these programs even busier looking than their rat's nest interfaces already are, enough for me to switch without even taking into account their other flaws. So then, when I said your software has a respectful & elegant interface, I meant it!

Thanks yet again for an enjoyable user experience, and for saving me from what is more and more becoming just the opposite..."

- Keith Andrews

"I have used Moneydance for over two years and I can't imagine handling our finances without it. The ability to look at our complete financial status in one window is awesome. Having reminders so that one never pays bills late is worth its price in gold. Investors will appreciate the way Moneydance handles transaction costs, reinvestments and stock price tracking. Being able to create budgets, reports, predict balances, track exchange rates and all other types of details separates Moneydance from other programs. This app really makes my life easier by saving me time and stress, and when it comes to money, that's a very good thing. I highly recommend Moneydance."
- Abdon G.

"Your program is very easy to learn. The layout is very calm. It is amazing how nice a personal finance program can look without all the infomercials littering it!"
- Ben DeBiase

"This is a really great product. Its been completely stable and absolutely intuitive once I got past my own idiocy. Its by far the best Mac finance package I've seen and infinitely better than all of the recent product I've seen from Intuit and Microsoft on the PC side. Thanks so much for making it such a great program; you saved me in my migration from the PC to Mac!"
- Mark Slater

"Thank you for making a clean looking, simple interface to manage my finances and balance my checking account. Quicken has grown so bloated - Moneydance is the graceful, simple interface I fell in love with when Quicken first came out for DOS. Great work! I think by allowing others to develop extensions to Moneydance you'll guarantee that this simple and clean, easy-to-navigate interface will stay around while more powerful features that others might need can be added via extensions. Awesome work!"
- Daniel Juarez

"It was a pleasure to move everything over to Moneydance. The s/w is very intuitive, and has all of the basic features needed for personal finance. I am looking forward to see what you have up your sleeve for future releases!"
- Keith Koetter

"I used Quicken since Day 1 and dropped it for Money when producing an annual "update" obviously became more important than debugging. Leaving WXP for OSX, I looked at several replacements for Money and your's is very much the best."
- Ed Campbell, Santa Fe, NM USA

"Thank you for producing such a quality piece of software - especially for Linux. There are very few (if any) quality finance applications for Linux and I have found yours to be outstanding!"
- Ryan Marsh