Moneydance Unix Installation

Note: If applicable, please use the specific installation instructions for Linux or Solaris.

1)   To install Moneydance on Unix-like systems, first download the moneydance_other.tar.gz file.

2)   Next, make sure that you have Java 1.3 or higher installed. If you don't already have Java 1.3 or higher installed, you can download it for free from

3)   In a terminal window, un-pack the file into a directory on your system like so:
  %> gunzip moneydance_other.tar.gz
  %> tar xf moneydance_other.tar -C /usr/local
This will create the /usr/local/moneydance directory. We use /usr/local as an example, but Moneydance can be installed in any location.

4)   Create a symbolic link named "jre" in the /usr/local/moneydance directory that points to the location of Java on your system. For example, if your java executable is at /usr/j2se/bin/java then you should create the link like so:
  %> cd /usr/local/moneydance
  %> ln -s /usr/j2se jre

5)   You can now run Moneydance by executing the 'moneydance' script in the new directory.
  %> /usr/local/moneydance/moneydance
To make starting Moneydance from the command line easier, you can create a symbolic link in your path that points to the moneydance startup script:
  %> cd /usr/local/bin
  %> ln -s /usr/local/moneydance/moneydance moneydance
For your convenience we have provided a moneydance.xpm file that can be used with a desktop icon for launching Moneydance from a GUI such as KDE or GNOME.

6)  If you find Moneydance useful, please purchase a license. You can purchase a license online by clicking here.

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