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Importing Files from Quicken to Moneydance

Transferring financial data from another application into Moneydance requires that the data first be exported from the other application into a QIF file.

Many financial applications have the ability to export their data to QIF files. This export function is usually located under the File menu of programs like Quicken or Money.

Once the data has been exported into a QIF file, use the Tools->Import->Quicken Interchange Format (QIF) menu to open the QIF import dialog in Moneydance. Use this dialog to import the QIF file that was exported from the other application.

Importing a QIF file into Moneydance will automatically create the categories and accounts that were included in the QIF file. It will also add all of the transactions from the QIF file into Moneydance.

Due to limitations in the QIF file format, it is possible that some transactions (especially transfers between accounts) may have been duplicated during the import process. If the balances in Moneydance and your other application do no match up exactly then it may be necessary to find and remove a duplicate transaction or two.