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Adding a Security or Stock to Your Portfolio

You can add a security or stock to your portfolio from the Register, but this section will explain how to add one from the Securities detail screen.

Step 1    Open your Investment Account and then select the Securities Detail screen.
Step 2    Click on the Add Security button.
  When the window appears, fill it in with any available information. The security name, ticker symbol, and type of security must be entered. Click on the OK button.
Step 3    Use the drop down arrow to select the security to be displayed. Click on the History button.
Step 4    By clicking on the New button in the upper right hand corner of this screen you can add the performance history of your investment instrument.
Step 5    With the history entered to your satisfaction, click on Done.
  The information has successfully been added to Moneydance. Repeat this procedure to add additional securities.